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Wednesday, 22 January 2020
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Rancor heiroglyphs

Pharaoh's Pet Rancor?

This side panel image of the Egyptian tomb of Pharaoh Djer of the first dynasty (3050 - 2890 B.C.) bears a heiroglyph of what could be a rancor! Professor J. Ahshem of the Cairo Museum contacted us after hearing about our investigation. To this date the identity of this creature was unknown. We shared with the professor images and illustrations of rancors and he concurred - calling this symbol a rancor is the best theory yet!

According to the stories, rancors were five- to ten-meter tall carnivorous reptomammals which originated on the planet of Dathomir. Rancors walked on two relatively stubby legs, with longer forelimbs utilized for catching prey. They also walked on all fours at times. A rancor's flat face was dominated by a large mouth full of razor sharp teeth. The skin of a rancor was tough enough to deflect blaster bolts, making it an efficient killing machine—and an excellent source of leather for expensive vests and boots. 

Strangely enough, other Egyptian writings speak of Pharaohs being entertained by the "great beasts of the desert". Several theories exist, but, the thought of a Pharaoh having a pet rancor is quite intriguing! This could also account for the large underground rooms that existed below several Egyptian structures which, up until now, were thought to be massive storage cellars.

Archaeologists are now exploring whether or not domesticated rancors could have been used in lifting/transporting the incredibly heavy limestone blocks that make up the famous pyramids of Egypt!

Ahshem told us that this isn't the only evidence of rancors and other unexplainable creatures in Egyptian history. He promised to get back with us soon with some more fascinating evidence!

Evidence: #ISWWR0000014

Submission by N. White 

Below: An illustration of a pet rancor by Ralph McQuarrie.

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