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Monday, 20 January 2020
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"Oh, the humanity!" 

On May 6, 1937 the mighty Zeppelin, the Hindenburg, arrived in New Jersey on route from Frankfurt, Germany. Filled with hydrogen instead of helium the ship was highly flammable and as shown in the photograph above, paid the price for it.

Up until recently, several theories existed on the source of this catastrophic failure. Ground crewman, Robert Shaw, had reportedly claimed to have seen a blue ring behind the tail fin just prior to the explosion. It was assumed that this was a small flame that started the chain reaction.

However, this photograph clearly shows a space ship, possibly, the Millenium Falcon speeding off into the night as the Hindenburg crashes to its destruction! The drive engines of the Millenium Falcon were thought to exhibit a blue flame as it accelerated - a possible explanation of the blue ring observed by Robert Shaw.

ISWWR has reported several findings of the Empire's involvement with Nazi Germany. The Hindenburg was designed by Luftschiffbau Zeppelin, a German airship company. Even though innocent lives were lost in this trajedy, perhaps it's destruction was for of the greater good of mankind.

Herbert Morrison's radio report was played over and over as he exclaimed: "Oh, the humanity!" Morrison was more right than he knew. The Millenium Falcon was constructed by the Corellian Engineering Corporation on the planet Corellia, one of the few planets, supposedly, occupied by humans. The pilot of the ship at this time is uncertain but there is a high chance it was a human with intentions of preserving life on earth!

Evidence #: ISWWR0000026

Submission by J. Lamb 


Below: An illustration of the Millenium Falcon


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