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Wednesday, 13 November 2019
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The U.S. Bounty Hunters

During WWII specialty U.S. forces often had nicknames. The above photograph is of a specialty force nicknamed The Bounty Hunters. This team was credited with more successes in air-to-air and ground-to-air combat than any other specialty force in 1944. Two figures stand out: Dengar, the bounty hunter and a Rodian, possibly, Slyder!

Dengar, a Corellian, being a successful swoop bike racer in his youth may have taught the team extraordinary skills at flying & driving the machines of WWII. Through Imperial experimentation Dengar was forced to become part cyborg, having parts of his brain controlling his senses of compassion, mercy and pity removed, leaving him an emotionless killer - perfect for the ultimate soldier!

The Rodian in the photograph is thought to be Slyder, the bounty hunter. Rodians were known for their violent culture and Slyder fit the profile. A master of reconnoissance, Slyder, was known for tracking down targets before a price was put on their head in anticipation of a kill. Slyder's contribution was probably a significant factor in The Bounty Hunters' success.

Both of these individuals are often credited as Imperial hired assassins. So far ISWWR has identified several connections between the Empire and enemies of the U.S. However, bounty hunters and loyalty were two things that rarely went together. If there was a higher price offered, the bounty hunter quickly had a new employer. If these bounty hunters couldn't accept U.S. dollars (at the time even Galactic Credits were shaky currency), how did the U.S. pay for their services? The investigation continues...

Evidence #:ISWWR0000028

Submitted by T. Vincent

Below: Illustrations of Dengar and Slyder 


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