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Wednesday, 22 January 2020
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The King's Royal Guards 

This photograph is an amazing discovery into the secret life of Elvis Presley. Being almost impossible to live a 'normal life' Elvis, apparently, employed security forces of a Gamorrean nature for his safety. This image shows two Gamorrean guards, one in the foreground with a vibro-lance and one in the background with a battle axe.

Gamorrean guards were employed as security forces for many high-ranking individuals, most notably, Jabba the Hutt. Where Gamorreans lacked intelligence they made up with unparalleled loyalty. A Gamorrean would sooner sacrifice his life than allow harm to come to his master.

It is rumored that Elvis' version of the song "Big Boss Man" (by Dixon and Smith) referred to his interaction with his Gamorrean Guards:

    "I'm gonna get me a boss man

    One who's gonna treat me right

    I work hard in the day time

    Rest easy at night

    Big boss man, can't you hear me when I call? Can't you hear me when I call?

    I said you ain't so big, you're just tall that's all"

As mentioned in the song, the Gamorreans didn't always "hear" him correctly, but, they kept him safe at night!

In 1968 a tunnel entrance was found on the grounds of Graceland that historians say dates back to the time of the Civil War and the Underground Railroad which smuggled slaves to freedom. It led approximately 300 feet and exited the property in the S.E. corner. At the exit was a circular area of land 150 feet in diameter that, to this day, is barren - no grass or vegetation of any sort will take root. ISWWR experts have observed this at several locations around the globe where spacecrafts were thought to land and take-off, leaving alien exhaust deposits that permanently destroyed the surrounding area's ability to support growth.

It is possible Elvis made use of the underground tunnel for his loyal guards to come and go as needed without human detection - which makes this photograph of them out on the front lawn a fantastic discovery! Perhaps, near the end of his life, the Gamorrean guards took their last steps down the tunnel, never to return to their Graceland home. The only question is, could Elvis have left the building with them! The investigation continues...

Evidence #: ISWWR0000029 

Submitted by J. Lamb

Below: An illustration of a Gamorrean Guard

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