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Wednesday, 22 January 2020
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The Pharmacy of the Future 

This 1947 advertisement for the Union Carbide Chemical Corporation compares the pharmacy of fifty years a go to the pharmacy of today. The difference? - An FX-series Medical droid to do the work of ten men! Synthetic organic chemicals are now used in the production of a host of many pharmaceuticals. This advertisement suggests that some of these "discoveries" may have come from the memory banks of this droid from a galaxy far, far away!

The FX-series medical assistant droid, also referred to as Fixits, was a medical droid series line produced by Medtech Industries. Only ten models (FXs-1 through 10) were made. They were often immobile, cylindrical droids with numerous "arms" that assisted patients during surgery or other medical procedures. They could help by cutting away dead flesh, holding items, or even injecting bacta fluid (which was why they were occasionally constructed at command stations during times of war to save injured soldiers). Apparently, they had several uses in the pharmacy as well.

The FX-series droid illustrated in this advertisement looks to be FX-7, the same droid later employed by the Rebel Alliance on Hoth. FX-7 assisted in nurturing the legendary Luke Skywalker back to health in a tank of bacta after being mauled by a Hothian wampa.

Ex-Union Carbide researches came forward to ISWWR and stated that in the 1960's FX-7 began researching how to manufacture bacta and showed them how the human body could be healed of several ailments by a simple dunk in a bacta tank, as opposed to using the expensive medicines and treatments that we still use today. Soon after, the researchers involved were let go from the company and FX-7 was never seen again! Perhaps, it was at this time that FX-7 found it's way into the service of the Rebel Alliance.

Evidence #: ISWWR0000031 

Submitted by: H. Lee

Below: An illustration of a FX-series medical droid



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