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Wednesday, 22 January 2020
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Official Beverage of the Rebel Alliance!

This vintage photograph of a Coca-Cola machine in New Mexico has what is, unmistakeably, the controls to a carbonite block used to transport Tibanna gas!

Tibanna gas was a rare substance found in the atmospheres of several planets, most notably that of Bespin, where it was processed at Cloud City; and the planets Taloraan and Kril'dor. Tibanna was excreted by beldons, huge gas-filled creatures. The gas was a by-product of the vapors consumed by beldons.

Tibanna was extracted from Bespin's atmosphere as atmospheric gases rose on updrafts through Cloud City's unipod. The gas was then processed and packed in carbonite for transport off-planet.Tibanna gas produced four times its normal energy output when cohesive light passed through it. Thus, when spin-sealed (compacted at the atomic level), Tibanna was used as a conducting agent in blasters and other energy weapons, producing greater energy yields and thus greater amounts of damage. 

Tibanna gas was vital to the Rebel Alliance and many Rebels went to great lengths to acquire, transport and protect the product. This Coca-Cola machine may have been constructed by Rebel agents, possibly contracted to the Ugnaught miners of Bespin, as a way of storing the precious product on earth with a fantastic disguise!

Many have often wondered why Coke machines have the bottle dispensor so low to the ground. We speculate the Coca-Cola vending machines were first designed by Ugnaughts who were only 1 - 1.6 meters tall, thus, accounting for the location of the bottle dispensor! Afterwards, to preserve the hidden identity of these carbonite blocks, Coca-Cola manufactured vending machines in a similar style that only dispensed soft drinks.

The process of carbonation by dissolving carbon dioxide into liquid under pressure may have been learned from the Tibanna gas & carbonite freezing process, thus, creating a worldwide phenomena called the soft drink.

What happened to this amazing Coke machine has yet to be determined. How many quarters did it take to retrieve a bottle of Tibanna? The investigation continues...

Evidence #:ISWWR0000034

Submitted by: J. Lamb

Below: Illustrations of a carbonite block and an Ugnaught 



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