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Wednesday, 22 January 2020
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Commander of the Red Army 

The above photograph, taken in 1959, of a statue in the Siberian city of Tomsk bears a striking resemblence Emperor Palpatine's right hand man, Darth Vader! This discovery may rewrite Russian history, as we know it, today!

Tomsk (Russian: Томск) is a city on the Tom River in the southwest of Siberian Federal District, Russia, the administrative centre of Tomsk Oblast. It is located about twenty kilometres south-east of the town of Seversk, a major centre of plutonium production and reprocessing and uranium enrichment in Russia. The occupation and/or control of Tomsk would have been of much interest to the Galactic Empire with it's need for such resources. 

Tomsk was taken over in 1917/1918 during the Russian Revolution, led by Vladimir Lenin. Lenin was leader of the Bolsheviks who believed in a strongly centralized hierarchy that sought to overthrow the Tsar and achieve power. Although the Bolsheviks were not completely monolithic, they were characterized by a rigid adherence to the leadership of the central committee, based on the notion of democratic centralism.

Lenin and the Bolsheviks executed the takeover by means of their own armed forces, the Red Guards or Red Army. Recruitment posters, such as the one shown below, raise the question whether or not these Red Guards had any connection to Empeor Palpatine's Royal Guards (below, right).

The Red Army became the Soviet Army in 1946 and from 1945 to 1948 the Soviet Armed Forces declined from around 11.3 million to approximately 2.8 million men. ISWWR researcers speculate that these men were acquired by the Galactic Empire for other services. It is possible that The Emperor sent Darth Vader to Russia to command and organize these troops prior to their departure from earth!

Emperor Palpatine may have had other assignments for Darth Vader in Russia. In 1953, leader of the Communist Party, Joseph Stalin, died, a death disputed to this day, whether or not he was assassinated. The photograph of a statue of what may, in fact, be Darth Vader comes strangely close to the time of Stalin's death. Could Darth Vader, himself, have been used by the Emperor to influence by force or with the force Russian politics to serve the needs of the Galactic Empire? The investigation continues...

Evidence #: ISWWR0000038

Submitted by J. Lamb

Below: An illustration of Darth Vader


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