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Monday, 20 January 2020
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JFK Motorcade Dengar

Babushka Lady Identified! 

The  above photograph released in 2007 of the JFK motorcade prior to the assassination of John F. Kennedy shows convincing proof of the bounty on Kennedy's head. What had been labeled by the FBI as the Babushka Lady has been clearly identified by ISWWR investigators as the aged bounty hunter & part cyborg, Dengar!

Babushka Lady is a nickname for an unknown woman who might have filmed the presidential motorcade in Dealey Plaza during the John F. Kennedy assassination. She was called the Babushka Lady because she wore a headscarf similar to scarves worn by elderly Russian women or grandmothers (бабушка means grandmother or old woman in Russian). She appeared to be filming with an amateur movie camera.

She was in turn filmed by others, proving her presence on the square (such as the Muchmore frame {below, left} and Zapruder Frame 285 {below, right}), but it is not positively known who she was. The Babushka Lady was standing on the grass between Elm and Main streets and she can be seen in the Zapruder film as well as in the films of Orville Nix, Marie Muchmore and Mark Bell (44 seconds and 49 seconds into the Bell film: even though the shooting had already taken place and most of her surrounding witnesses took cover, she can be seen still standing and even seems to continue filming). After the shootings, she crossed Elm Street and joined the crowd that went up the grassy knoll in search of a gunman. She is last seen in photographs walking east on Elm Street.


In 1970, a woman named Beverly Oliver came forward and claimed to be the Babushka Lady. Critics have noted a number of inconsistencies with her story, such as her use of a type of camera which did not exist in 1963, and her claim to have positioned herself just in back of Charles Brehm and his son despite Brehm's testimony that he and his son had hurried to that position from another at the last moment.

It is now clear that the Babushka Lady was not an old woman at all, but, in fact, Dengar! The Muchmore frame shows Dengar with a woman's overcoat, however, his head-wrappings are clealy visibe, mistaken, up until now, as a babushka! Dengar would be quite old at this point - ISWWR had identified him with a WWII team of  pilots in an earlier release. He was an effective Imperial assasin, nicknamed "Payback", and was more than capable of carrying out an assignment such as the elimination of JFK. 

In Part 1 of the ISWWR JFK investigation Boba Fett's ship, Slave 1, was clearly identified. Investigators are now eagerly re-checking photographs and video to find evidence of Dengar's ship, Punishing One, near the area of the motorcade's path. 

Did Dengar fire one of the fatal shots to JFK or was he an accomplice to the real killer(s)? Was the Galactic Empire, possibly, Emperor Palpatine, himself, responsible for the bounty on JFK's head and if so why? The ISWWR JFK investigation continues...

Evidence #: ISWWR0000039 

Submitted by J. Lamb 

Below: An illustration of the bounty hunter, Dengar 


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