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Monday, 20 January 2020
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Master of Expressionism

The above photogaph (undated) of a Vincent Van Gogh self potrait bears a striking resemblance to the jedi master himself, Yoda! The whereabouts of this painting are unknown. To our knowledge this is the only evidence that it ever existed. Museum curators at the Louvre in Paris have refused to comment on where this came from and what influenced Van Gogh to paint it.

In 1886 Van Gogh moved to Montmatre in Paris, France to expand his knowledge and techniques of art. Impressionism was the art of the time and Vincent evidently had problems acknowledging these recent ways to see and paint. Conflicts arose as Van Gogh was frustrated with this art and he became a burden to his brother and close acquaintences.

Determined to follow his own path Van Gogh painted things his way, which has been classified today as Expressionism: the tendency of an artist to distort reality for an emotional effect. Van Gogh, however, suffered from several mental illnesses and it is difficult to decipher what his view of reality really was. This painting is, possibly, a form of expressionism or it could be a combination of the reality he knew if he had come in contact with a creature like Yoda.

The town of Montmartre has long been under suspition by ISWWR researchers due to it's architecture, specifically, the Basilica of the Sacré Cœu (which was being built while Van Gogh was there), having many similarities to the Royal buildings of Naboo. Naboo, being the much older civilization. Therefore, the presence of a galactic character in Montmartre is not surprising.

Was it Van Gogh's obsession with his encounter with Yoda that led to his astranged cutting off of the left lobe of his ear on December 24, 1888? Psychologists have theorized everything from hypergraphia to lead poisoning as to the cause of Van Gogh's hinderances, however, we can now add to the list of theories, a chance encounter with a Jedi Master!

Perhaps, Yoda influenced Van Gogh's artform, instructing him to "unlearn what he had learned" about art to find a new way to express himself. Until we find out, the investigation continues...

Evidence #: ISWWR0000045

Submitted by: J. Lamb

Below: An artist's rendition of the Van Goghda







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