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Wednesday, 22 January 2020
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Russian Imperial Troops

This 1931 photograph shows three Russian storm troopers posing with an Imperial Biker Scout, for a photograph in what is believed to be a forest of eastern Europe.This is the first actual photograph of a Biker Scout identified by ISWWR investigators!

Stormtroopers designated as scouts wore lightweight armor that was considerably more flexible than the standard uniform. Much like their infantry counterparts, scout troopers wore a black body glove covered with white armor. Scouts often worked in conjunction with light reconnaissance vehicles, such as Imperial speeder bikes. For this reason, they were often referred to as biker scouts.

Unlike other elite Imperial units that often travel with the Imperial fleet, scout troopers were typically assigned to ground-based garrisons and installations. They operated in units called lances, which consist of four troopers and their sergeants, as well as their assigned speeder bikes or other patrol craft.

 Scouts were usually lightly armed, with simple blaster rifles or boot-holstered hold-out blasters. They carried standard flares and concussion grenades, but rarely engaged in heavy combat. Their mission profile was to detect the enemy, not to engage it. Scout troopers used their swift vehicles to rocket back to their bases to call on heavier forces.

The Russian Empire, which was the predecessor of the Soviet Union, was the second largest contiguous empire the world had seen. Its government, ruled by an Emperor, was one of the last absolute monarchies left in Europe. Prior to the outbreak of World War I in August of 1914 Russia was one of the five major Great Powers of Europe with an army of over 5 million men, the largest army in the world at the time.

Investigators point to a connection to the Palpatine Empire which shared many of the same features of the of that of the Russian.

Previous investigations identified the commander of the Red Army as what appeared to be Darth Vader, with a a statue in the Siberian city of Tomsk which bore a striking resemblence to Emperor Palpatine's right hand man. Is it possible the Russian Empire was supported by Emperor Palpatine? The investigation continues....

Evidence #ISWWR0000055

Submitted by: Erik Jayne (Contest #2 Winner)

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