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Monday, 20 January 2020
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JFK (Part 4) E-mail

The real JFK shooter!

A Newman Point of View!

The above photograph is of Bill and Gayle Newman as they drop to the grass and cover their children, seconds after witnessing the assassination of JFK in the motorcade passing by on Friday, November 22, 1963. Cleverly staged, and impressively clear, photographs of this angle were released to the public showing no evidence of a second shooter from behind the grassy knoll. The above, recently surfaced, photograph, however, is thought to be the original - with, what looks like, a crafty bounty hunter peering over the wall behind the grassy knoll.

From Newman's point of view: "Today at about 12:45 pm I was standing in a group of people on Elm Street near the west end of the concrete standard when the President’s car turned left off Houston Street onto Elm Street.

 We were standing at the edge of the curb looking at the car as it was coming toward us and all of a sudden there was a noise, apparently gunshot.

The President jumped up in his seat, and it looked like what I thought was a firecracker had went off and I thought he had realized it. It was just like an explosion and he was standing up.

By this time he was directly in front of us and I was looking directly at him when he was hit in the side of the head. Then he fell back and Governor Connally was holding his middle section. Then we fell down on the grass as it seemed we were in direct path of fire.

 It looked like Mrs. Kennedy jumped on top of the President. He kinda fell back and it looked like she was holding him. Then the car sped away and everybody in that area had run upon top of that little mound.

I thought the shot had come from the garden (grassy knoll) directly behind me, that it was on an elevation from where I was as I was right on the curb."

Look closer at this orginal photograph of the event and Newman's story becomes even more credible. There is no shadow of a doubt: Bounty Hunter, Boba Fett, assassinated JFK! 

The real JFK shooter!


Where is Boba Fett now? Can this photograph be the concrete evidence needed to put this story to rest and execute justice? The ISWWR JFK investigation continues! 

Evidence #: ISWWR0000057

Submitted by: L. Ethan

note: Though, no Bothans died to bring us this information, we fear, now that it is published, there will be some casualties! To their families we pass on our condolences, in advance...


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